Oak or Walnut (Horizontal or Vertical Orientation)

Our Wooden Framed Photo Urn is designed for pet owners who wish to display their favorite 4×6 Vertical or Horizontal photograph.

This urn style is beautifully crafted from Red Oak or Walnut hardwoods, creating a truly lasting memorial to your fallen friend.

Medium Oak: $107.00

(For Pets 0 – 80 lbs.)

Large Oak: $110.00

(For Pets 81 – 120 lbs.)

Medium Walnut: $107.00

(For Pets 0 – 80 lbs.)

Large Walnut: $110.00

(For Pets 81 – 120 lbs.)

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Wooden Framed Urns


Optional Engraving

(Optional) Add up to 4 lines of custom engraving to your custom urn.

For all engraving, line 1 is a required field.

Each urn style comes with an acrylic window which slides out of the bottom of each ‘opened’ urn for easy installation of your favorite photo. It also includes a free, optional engraved brass nameplate. The brass nameplate is added to create a truly personal memorial.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Medium Oak, Large Oak, Medium Walnut, Large Walnut


Horizontal (PH900), Vertical (PH950)

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