Our Memorial Garden

A safe and sacred place dedicated to all of the animals that steal our hearts and touch our lives, our memorial garden serves as a final tribute and resting place for those we loved and cherished with all our heart.

With all of the love and loyalty our pets show us in their short time here, we feel the least we can do is to provide a warm, safe and welcoming place where pet and owner can once again be temporarily reunited in thought and prayer.

We offer two options with our pet loss services. Your pet can be cremated with their ashes returned to you in a beautiful urn, or they can be cremated and placed in our memorial garden, where they can eternally rest. Our memorial garden serves as a final resting place and tribute to your beloved pet as well as all other pets that have been entrusted to our care. Anybody is welcome to visit the memorial garden, which resides here at 5411 Black Road, anytime during normal operating hours.

Thank you for entrusting Karnik Memorial Garden with the care for the ones who stole our hearts and tears. Compassionate pet loss services for over 45 years.

Karnik Memorial Garden - Willow Tree
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